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Lewa Down Estate - Lithic


Short Name: Handaxe

Period: Early Pleistocene

Culture/Industry: Acheulean

Localization: Meru District

Collection Date: 1933

Collector: DR & MRS L.S.B LEAKEY

Provenance: Surface Collection

Material Culture: Lithic


Catalogue: # KNM-911-1

1.76 million to 130 thousand years ago

Material Culture

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Description Summary

The most predominant raw material in the Lewa Downs handaxe collection is basalt at 100

Early Pleistocene

Compared to previous periods, the climate of eastern Africa was generally colder, but more importantly, it was variable. There were significant swings between warm and wet and cold and dry. Similarly, the landscape frequently changed from forested to grassy. Animal life was in great flux with successions of organisms suited to survive in those environments. Hominids and their hominin descendants grew increasingly dependent on tools to survive the changing environments.