North Turkana - Lithic

Worked block

Short Name: GaJh11.Lom3.2011 Surf NE 9

Period: Pliocene

Culture/Industry: Early Oldowan

Localization: North Turkana

Collection Date: 2012

Collector: Sonia Harmand

Provenance: Surface and Test trench

Material Culture: Lithic

Site Name: Lomekwi 3

Catalogue: # KNM-4409-2

3.3 million to 280 thousand years ago

Material Culture

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Description Summary

Worked block: the world oldest stone tool from west Turkana


During the Pliocene, the warm and wet conditions of the Miocene gradually gave way to colder, drier climates. New open, grassy habitats began to open up, which provided opportunities for animals that were well suited to flourish in them. Many grassland-adapted species are found in the fossil record, including hominids, with whom we share common ancestry. Hominids were moving into the newly opened plains and using simple stone tool technology to process nuts.