Nakuru District - Lithic

Obsidian - handaxe

Short Name: GsJj81.1

Period: Middle Pleistocene

Culture/Industry: Terminal Acheulian/Early Middle Stone Age

Localization: Nakuru District

Collection Date: 1994

Collector: Stanley Ambrose

Provenance: Surface Collection

Material Culture: Lithic

Catalogue: # KNM-3997-5

280 to 40 thousand years ago

Material Culture

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Description Summary

Transitional site: Acheulean to Early Middle Stone Age

Middle Pleistocene

Climate swings became more extreme during this period, and there was also more significant adaptive radiation of animal life. Our lineage also became more diverse with more than 10 known hominin species known across the world from this time. Brain sizes in hominins began to get larger. At the same time, human technologies became more diverse and took more planning and skill to make. This ability to plan along with improved locomotion enabled hominins to leave Africa for the first time.