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Kwale District - Pottery

Pottery:Whole: Reconstructed

Short Name: HiJv3.68

Period: Late Holocene

Culture/Industry: Early Iron Age

Localization: Kwale Dist. Coast Province

Collection Date: 1968

Collector: Robert Soper

Provenance: Surface Collection

Material Culture: Pottery

Site Name: Kwale forest site

Catalogue: # KNM-2353-5

1.2 thousand years ago to today

Material Culture

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Description Summary

Site near Coastal region of Kenya with charactestic of pottery(Ware) with dimple at the base.The early radiocarbon date associated with it, represents an important step forward in the study of the Early Iron Age.

Late Holocene

As is the case the world over, Kenyans continued to diversify themselves in the ways they adapted to their environments. Numerous migrations of people brought new and diverse technologies and language traditions. Pastoralism continued, but the introduction of plant-based agriculture and iron technology transformed the landscape. Forests were cut for farmland and fuel. City-states arose on the coast and traded their products across the Indian Ocean. Populations grew and urban areas sprang from the soil. Nevertheless, traditional ways have continued into recent times. European explorers, missionaries and colonists describe a rich array of biodiversity on the landscape. Kenya emerges from the colonial era with its natural resource base largely intact.