Ithanga Hills - Ceramics

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Short Name: GtJn11

Period: Late Pleistocene

Culture/Industry: Later Stone Age

Localization: Ithanga Hills

Collection Date: 1978

Collector: Mahlstedt and Diblasi

Provenance: Surface Collection

Material Culture: Pottery

Site Name: Ithanga Hills

Catalogue: # KNM-2052

40 to 7 thousand years ago

Material Culture

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Description Summary

Potential indicator of general technological affinities of the past communinities

Late Pleistocene

There was no abatement in wild climate swings during this period. Animal life becomes focused around waterbodies, which are places where resources are predictable. Anatomically modern humans join the array of hominins on the landscape. They develop new hunting technologies and have now become apex predators. Humans use their social skills to development networks that can be accessed during bad times. This becomes the strategy we use to settle all the corners of the earth.