This website, digital archive, and online exhibition was made possible by the collaboration between the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) Department of Earth Sciences, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Digital Divide Data (DDD). The goal of this ongoing partnership is to create a world class digital platform to preserve, archive, and showcase Kenya’s cultural and natural heritage through its one-of-a-kind archaeology and paleontology collections.

The website and online exhibition aims to diversify the channels of disseminating information on Kenya’s heritage by harnessing the power of AWS Cloud technology. By creating a digital platform where audiences can interact with otherwise inaccessible collections, NMK presents itself as a future “super power” that conserves, documents, and educates budding scientists and informs the general public with the aim of facilitating global cross-cultural conversations on building the future while saving the past.

While this project would not have been possible without the technical and financial support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Digital Divide Data (DDD) we would also like to thank our contributing partners - Studio Analogous and Open Heritage.

The core project team from NMK leading this project was an interdisciplinary group of senior research scientists and collection managers. Dr. Fredrick Manthi was responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of the project, Dr. Emmanuel Ndiema was responsible for the materials culture component while Dr. Job Kibii was responsible for the natural components of this online exhibition. We also wish to express our gratitude and thanks to Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia, Director General of NMK for his guidance, leadership, and encouragement during the project.

About The National Museums of Kenya (NMK)

NMK is a Kenya state corporation whose role is to collect, preserve, study, document and present Kenya’s past and present cultural and natural heritage. In addition, NMK manages many Regional Museums, Sites and Monuments of national and international importance alongside priceless collections of Kenya’s living cultural and natural heritage. As an institution that must respond to the growing needs of the society, NMK is striving to contribute in a unique way to the task of national development. For more information, please visit

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About Digital Divide Data (DDD)

DDD is a leading provider of digitization, preservation, and archival solutions to Cultural Heritage Organizations worldwide including museums, libraries, universities, and private collections. With 500 people in Nairobi, and over 2,000 people worldwide, DDD is a trusted digital transformation partner to organizations looking to transform and monetize their content and data. To learn more about DDD, visit

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